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Why Attend a Newborn Photography Workshop | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Why Attend a Newborn Photography Workshop | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Let me explain why it’s so important to attend a newborn photography workshop. In fact attending a newborn photography workshop is helpful for a multitude of reasons. First I’d love to tell you about why it’s important to gain knowledge and learn from someone who has gone through the struggles and learned from them. I have been an Edmonton Newborn Photographer for over 12 years now, and I’ve seen hundreds of new photographers pop up over the years. Sadly many have gone out of business, for multiple reasons. Some have closed up shop because they weren’t able to make a living. They found themselves working too hard for little to no money. Others found that they were suffering from burnout and found that they could control their lives better by being at a 9-5 job. Leaving their work at work was an easy way to get their lives back. One thing I realized from quite a few years of struggling in this  business myself was that investing in education was the key to survival!

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Skills you’ll acquire at a newborn photography workshop | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

As a newborn photographer learning the skills to properly pose newborns, light them and then fine tune the images with post-processing is essential to the success of a business. However these are not the only skills that you need. They can only take you so far before you fall victim to exhaustion and possibly massive debt. To really excel in your craft and excel your business, you need to invest in the education that was needed from the very beginning. You need the foundations to build a strong, lasting, and sustainable business. This is why seeking a newborn photography workshop should be at the top of your to do list!

At my Edmonton Newborn Photography studio, I’ve had several students come and learn from me in person. Newborn photography workshops are actually designed to help photographers not only improve their skills and techniques but they are also meant to help you with effective strategies for marketing and getting your brand established.

Newborn Photography workshops are helpful for many reasons | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Workshops also help you connect and grow friends within the photographer community. Having like minded peers to rely on and communicate with is huge to the well being of your mental health as well. And no, I’m not talking about a random facebook group that you’ve seen and joined. 

My newborn photography workshops, based out of my Edmonton Newborn Photographer studio can be attended in person and can last 1-3 days depending on what style of learning you prefer. Not only do my workshops include in person learning, but they also include my online mentoring program for 3 months afterwards, with the option to remain in the class. These workshops can be attended by photographers of all skill levels and experience. 

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How attending a newborn photography workshop can help your business | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

I’m now going to share with you why attending a Newborn Photography workshop, especially if it’s at my Edmonton Newborn Photography studio, can help you grow your business!

  1. First let’s focus on skills. Skills for posing newborns are definitely not learned overnight. Attending a workshop with an experienced teacher will benefit you by observing their soothing techniques to handle fussy babies. Learning these soothing techniques will save you countless hours in difficult sessions that may arise. You can also learn how to prep clients, and this saves you time by learning what to avoid and how to properly communicate with clients.
  2. Parents are tired, scared and possibly irritable when coming in for their session if they’ve not had enough sleep or they have a difficult newborn baby. If you’ve learned how to prepare them, they can arrive at the studio without stress and enjoy the experience rather than resent leaving their home.
  3. Beyond skills learned about posing and lighting and setting up the studio, you’ll be able to receive amazing feedback and insights on your own abilities with the camera. Having someone correct you in the moment is a wonderful asset to acquire, and can really propel your work to the next level.
  4. Attending a workshop also gives you first hand experience watching your mentor share their beautiful luxury props and styling techniques. This helps keep you up to date with industry trends and standards. A lot of new photographers tend to DIY as much as they can, and that’s fine if it looks good, unfortunately most of the time they look cheap and can actually degrade the quality of your craft by making the image look cheap.
  5. Staying ahead of your competition by hiring a newborn photography mentor can be a game changer for your business. Learning techniques and methods that are not common in your area will help you stand out from the rest of the newborn photographers near you.
  6. I love watching my students network together and lean on each other. Having a community of like minded individuals who understand exactly what you are going through is priceless. In my online newborn photography mentoring group, I am able to see strangers from the same area get together and practice what they are learning and grow their skills together. They grow friendships and their passion for newborn photography at the same time!
  7. One thing every newborn photographer knows is that we wear many hats. Among taking pictures of beautiful babies, attending a newborn photography workshop can actually help you learn some unique tips on how to market to your ideal client. It’ll help you learn what others are doing to get their business websites to rank first on page one of google for their keywords. You’ll also learn ways to improve your authority in your own community. Think about women helping other women in business. We want each other to succeed, right? So attending a workshop not only is supporting that business but you are gaining knowledge on networking with businesses that can help you spread your brand. Why Attend a Newborn Photography Workshop | Edmonton Newborn Photographer

Attend a newborn photography workshop! 

Hopefully you plan on checking my workshop out at my Edmonton Newborn Photographer studio first 😍I’d absolutely love to teach you how to excel at building a thriving newborn photography business. 

My goal is to not only teach others to perfect their craft at posing newborns, but to inspire them and motivate them to be the best that they can be! Attending a newborn photography workshop will also help reignite your love of photography, especially for newborns. It’ll give you the motivation that you need to keep moving forward, and push yourself to be the best. When you are able to see first hand the work of other professionals who have gone through the hard times, and found the way to do things easier and better, and hearing their success stories, it can be incredibly inspiring. Those stories can also help you get over creative blocks and possibly self doubts. Maybe you even suffer from imposter syndrome.

Attending a newborn photography workshop can give you the confidence to eliminate imposter syndrome altogether. It can also give you new ways to discover your style and sell your services. 

By expanding your portfolio and learning the latest trends and lighting techniques, not to mention tips and tricks for photoshop, attending a newborn photography workshop can help you get discovered in your market. Believe me when I say newborn photography is over saturated with people who don’t have a clue about how to pose a newborn. So by setting yourself apart from those that are clueless, you can actually increase your revenue and offer more options and styles for your clients to choose from. Sounds like a win win to me!

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Hopefully after reading this you’ll be convinced that attending a newborn photography workshop, whether it’s in person at my Edmonton Newborn Photographer studio or online with myself at my sister company MomTog Educate, where you can buy presets but you can purchase single online workshops at is the next best step you can take for your newborn photography business. I also have an amazing online mentoring program that you can find at

You deserve the best. You deserve to stand out. You deserve to live your dreams and perfect your passion for newborn photography. So in conclusion, attending a newborn photography workshop will give you the skills to perfect your posing, your workflow, how to soothe a fussy newborn, learn several lighting techniques and grow your brand with effective marketing tips and tricks. I’d love to have you attend an in person mentoring session with me at my Edmonton Newborn Photography studio whether it’s 1 day or 3, I’d love to have you.

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If you need some free tutorials that will help you out, check out my youtube channel here!

My youtube channel has many different topics that teach you a variety of editing and photography techniques. Among the many lessons are learning how to edit purple hands and feet, how to wrap a newborn baby, and mistakes that you can avoid!

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