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I am SUPER behind on blogging... like 90% of my sessions haven't been blogged.


Newborn Photography Tutorials

I am happy to announce that I’ve begun a Newborn Photography Tutorial Youtube channel! The name of my channel is MomTog Educate. This channel has been created to assist those beginner photographers who need educational videos to better themselves in this specific niche. Not every photographer can be a successful newborn photographer.

It takes a lot of learning, that goes beyond the camera. This includes but is not limited to patience, soothing techniques, camera angles, studio sizes, lighting equipment, room temperature, insurance, time of day, props, quality of props, sizes of props etc. The list really does not end.

It’s one of the most expensive types of photography. So the more you can learn for free the better! Please help me grow this channel by subscribing. It will continue to motivate me to grow the channel with each and everyone that subscribes! It also gives me HUGE encouragement to read your comments!

I have a series of wrapping tutorials that I am hoping to release in the near future. However, in the mean time please review the following videos!

This is everything you need to consider when planning to open your photography business

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