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Timeless Maternity Session

There are a lot of ways to photograph a maternity session. We could venture outdoors at sunset, and take advantage of that gorgeous golden light which gives the most pleasing images. However, with our long and dreary Canadian winters, sometimes that is just not possible. There is always the possibility of a home lifestyle session. But perhaps you are not comfortable sharing your home with your photographer? What goes through your mind when you hear the word “studio” maternity session? When you think of a studio maternity session, does your mind instantly think of boring and cheesy posing? What if I told you that instead of boring and cheesy posing, we could really create timeless and organic images with a sexy boudoir twist? (ps… these are my favourite kind of maternity sessions)

When I have clients arrive to the studio that is now conveniently located near the EIA Airport, we start off with some soft window light poses. These are natural and softly lit with the sunlight coming through the windows. I try to talk and get to know my clients in this beginning portion of the session, so by the time we begin photographing more boudoir style images, nobody is uncomfortable!

Soft and subtle natural light poses

So many women who come in for their session arrive nervous, and worried that because they are pregnant and uncomfortable in their new growing bodies, that the images may not be flattering. That is something I can completely understand. I have 4 children of my own, and I had my ups and downs of pregnancy! But I can happily tell you that I will pose you in the most flattering and pleasing ways. Every single person that leaves my studio says, “I was so nervous when I got here, but that was so much fun!”

This session is not only about having this beautiful journey documented, but it’s about you embracing this incredible experience and owning it! Own the beauty of your body! This is about loving every part of that gorgeous belly of yours.

Timeless and organic using a seamless backdrop

Here is where the classic poses happen. This is a great way to show off that gorgeous bump. If you bring your partner to your session, then think of the possibilities of poses when adding him in there. Or, you can rock it solo like gorgeous Dorissa. I don’t believe in a set limit of outfits. So if you have several different outfits that you wish to use, then please bring them. It’s nice to switch things up. This will also give you additional variety. I do have a few different gowns in the studio and long sleeve crop tops and I do encourage my clients to use them. Why? Because I know without a doubt, you will love the way they photograph.

Thanks for stopping by to see this beautiful gallery of Dorissa’s studio Maternity session. If you’ve thought about booking a studio session with me, I hope that this post inspires you to book a session for yourself! Embrace this momentous time in your life and message me. I’d love to get to know you and document your beauty with organic and timeless pieces of art for you to cherish for years to come.

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If you’d like to see me in action posing a newborn session see the video below!

I have began making educational videos to assist beginner newborn photographers. These tutorials show a variety of posing and soothing techniques, as well as lighting and education information.

Please subscribe to my channel if you are a newborn photographer, and leave a comment below this video or this blog post about what tutorials you would like in the future!

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